How Mightier Family Games Support Emotion Regulation Learning

In the first month with Mightier, children are focused on their individual Mightier play. This is necessary and important. It is the foundation for developing an internal ability to more automatically regulate heart rate and reactions to stressors.

Around your 30 day mark, your family will receive a deck of cards and set of instructions for Mightier Family Games. This is an opportunity for children to stretch what they are learning in the Mightier app, and empower them to apply that awareness and calming ability in a social environment. It is also a chance to turn emotion regulation into a game for the whole family. 

Benefits of Mightier Family Games

A shared language. Through Mightier Family Games, heart rate, blue zone, red zone, pause, and breathe become normal, common, and easy terms. Communicating emotional state becomes fun. Heart rate control is a game. Talking about these things through gameplay not only normalizes the vocabulary, but builds it into your family's life.  

Exposure and normalization. We all have heart rates. We all feel distressed, excited, frustrated and overwhelmed. Kids know that in theory, but it's cool when they can see adults' emotions in gizmo form. 

Encouragement. Mightier Family Games aim to mix collaboration with competitive gameplay in a way that builds excitement. 

Aha Moments. Did my child just take a deep breath? Is my own ability to stay in blue harder than I thought? Mightier Family Games give you a glimpse into your child's developing abilities of emotional control, as well as your own. 

Emotion regulation practice for the whole family. Let's face it, we all have moments of frustration and anxiety. We all can get overly excited to the point of being unfocused. Mightier Family Games can be a useful tool in building a healthy family culture around emotional awareness and acceptance. 

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