Simple game play

Mightier has over 20 games! Like most app games, they are played with simple tapping or swiping mechanics. We have a wide range to capture the attention of our diverse players - from relaxed and strategic to fast and adventurous. 

See our games!

You can find all our games here. Click the icon to learn more about each game, see game tips, and watch a brief video. To see how the games are displayed in Mightier, see our Mightier Gameplay Walkthrough

Parent Game Guide

View the attachment below to see our Parent Game Guide*. See Mightier games listed from easiest to hardest, novice- and expert-approved games, and game features that might excite or deter your player. 

*Most players do not need guidance when exploring Mightier! This is only meant to serve as a guide. We know all kids have unique strengths and varied interests. We encourage children to discover the games they enjoy by trying them!

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