There are several possible reasons why kids might not be as interested in playing Mightier compared to a popular video game. Mightier is a completely different experience. It’s helpful to know why kids don’t want to play in order to figure out the best way to get them excited about playing. In speaking with Mightier families the most common reasons for why kids don’t want to play are:
  • They are frustrated or annoyed with how often they are “in red”
  • They struggle with getting back “in blue”
  • Mightier is not their preferred activity
  • Games feel too easy or boring
  • Sensitivity to equipment or sound
  • They don’t like the “idea” of Mightier


Frustrated with Getting “in Red” / Struggle Getting Back “in Blue”

Mightier games get harder when a player’s heart rate gets into the red. Lavalings appear, making the games more difficult. This can be annoying for experienced gamers and challenging for new gamers. Please let us know if you feel that your child is getting frustrated to the point of feeling unsuccessful or not wanting to play. We want to make sure we are appropriately challenging children in a way that helps them learn, grow, and feel confident, and we can adjust the difficulty level to help with this.

In the red

Not the Preferred Activity

Mightier is not always the preferred screen time or activity because it’s different from other video games or because a child has other interests. Parents have found success by having their children play Mightier before they can use preferred screens or pursue other activities. For more strategies, read our article on structuring Mightier time.

Preferred Activity

Games Feel too Easy or Boring

Some children might not be interested in playing Mightier because they feel the games are too easy. Every Mightier game gets harder as children play. You can challenge your child to see what level they can get to before it becomes too difficult. If your child is bored, Mightier has 26 different games to appeal to every age, gamer-style, and gaming ability. It’s possible that your child has not found a game they enjoy yet. The anticipation of finding preferred games can engage children as well. Have your child browse the Mightier Game Directory to see if they find a few that catch their eye.

Boring 1

Sensory Sensitivities

Some kids are bothered by wearing the heart rate monitor, using the provided tablet, or the sound of games. Here are some ways families have overcome sensory sensitivities.

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The Idea of Mightier

Are you finding that your child won’t play because they feel it is too therapeutic, or that they are against it because it’s something they’re “supposed” to do? This is fairly common. Check out our article on introducing Mightier for different ways to approach this with your child.

Sensory ChildWontPlay 1


Our best recommendation to motivate kids and get them excited to play is to have them teach someone else how Mightier works. This allows them to be the expert and show off their skills in the game and with heart rate control. You can create other player accounts on the app in order to do this. 



We’re here for you

If you continue to have trouble engaging your child, contact our Family Care Team. Our Program Specialists can work with you directly to help your child play again based on their specific learning and play style.

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