Finding time for Mightier can be challenging.  However, children that engage in 3 play sessions a week for 15 – 20 minutes at a time every week for 90 days are far more likely to achieve positive results.  Below are strategies other Mightier families have found helpful to maintain their Mightier play routine.

For the Busy Family

School, work, extracurriculars, and daily demands can make it hard to find time for dinner and homework, let alone Mightier. However, with a bit of creativity and persistence, your child can achieve 3 play sessions per week. Here are some options:

  • Offer Mightier when you and your child are on the go. Mightier playtime is the perfect activity while riding in the car, running errands or waiting for appointments. Mightier can be played in between activities, during trips to the store or when a sibling is engaged in an extracurricular activity.
  • Add Mightier playtime to your child’s daily task list. Putting it on the list helps them remember to get it done. Some kids like this idea because they then choose when to play Mightier during the day.
  • Add Mightier to YOUR daily task list, or give yourself a calendar reminder. So often we have heard that part of why it’s hard to find time for Mightier is that parents are busy and it’s difficult to remember to remind your child to play.
  • Put Mightier out in the open where everyone can see and remember it. 
  • Make sure to keep everything charged so that it’s ready to use whenever you do find time for it.

When Mightier isn’t your child’s first choice

Some children are not excited to play Mightier because it is not their preferred electronic, or they have other interests or activities they would rather do. Structuring time for Mightier can be helpful in these situations. 

  • Separate Mightier game time from other electronic time. Some kids are more willing to engage in Mightier when they realize their Mightier play time will not impact their ability to play their preferred electronic.
  • Use Mightier as a first/then approach or in an incentive plan. Ask your child to play Mightier for an allotted amount of time before they play their preferred electronic or other activity.
  • Does your child say, “Mightier is boring?” It’s possible they haven’t found a game they like yet. Mightier has 26 games within the system, each geared for a different age range, gaming ability, and gamer style. Have them check out the game directory on your parent dashboard to see if they find a game that catches their eye.
  • Does it seem that your child is frustrated while playing? Mightier can be difficult for many children. The games often require a child to bring their heart rate down 1-2 times each minute, which can require persistence and patience at times. If this is the case, we can adjust the difficulty level for your child, as it is important for them to feel successful while they play.

Reach out to our Family Care Team. to speak with a Program Specialist more specifically about how to fit Mightier in appropriately and effectively for your family.

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