Mightier is designed to be a fun experience, and we find that kids benefit the most when they can take ownership over their learning and play. Below are different approaches that families have found helpful in introducing Mightier to their child:


“Check out this new game!”

Take a casual approach in introducing Mightier. This is great for kids who tend to be a bit more independent and might be resistant to the idea of something therapeutic.


“How does this thing work?”

Take a collaborative approach in learning how to navigate Mightier with your child. This is great for kids who are under the age of 7 or who may need a little extra help getting started.


“It’s just like learning to ride a bike or play the piano.”

Take a concrete approach in talking with your child about how Mightier works. This is great for older kids who want to know the “why” and the “how.” Comparing their play to anything else that takes repetition to get good at can help them see how heart rate control is a skill like any other – it takes practice!


We’re here for you

Our Family Care Team of Mightier experts with clinical backgrounds is available to support and enhance your family’s Mightier journey.
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