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Dr. Dragon travels across different worlds in search of lavalings. Players help her collect lavalings by getting them to their cool state. Each lavaling has Heat Points (HP). Players will need to get their heart rate back into their blue zone to cool the lavalings. 

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Players build strength by increasing their Chill Level.  Players collect points toward their next Chill Level by playing games, earning Snowflakes, and collecting Lavalings.  The higher the Chill Level, the greater the ability to cool future lavalings.

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Mightier Home Screen (Labeled)


What do all these things mean?

Chill Level - Measure of a player’s progress in Mightier.  Chill Level can be increased by playing games, earning Snowflakes, and collecting lavalings.

Heat Points - Each lavaling has a certain number of Heat Points, or HP. As players explore Mightier, they’ll encounter lavalings that have higher and higher HP. In order to cool lavalings down, players will need to increase their Chill Level.

Player Card - When you click on the circle in the upper left corner of the main screen, the Player Card is displayed. You will see your current Chill Level, progress toward the next level, and the Chill Level needed for your next reward. 




Game Library - Players can see all of the Mightier games that are available by going to the Game Library. They can view details about the games to help them decide which games they want to unlock next. To see all the Mightier games click here.


Snowflakes - Players earn Bronze, Silver, and Gold Snowflakes the longer they play the games. Earning Snowflakes contributes to increasing a player’s Chill Level. Players can see their snowflake progress in the Game Library.

Game Keys - Used to unlock games in the game library.  Game Keys are rewarded at certain Chill Levels.

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How many games will kids be able to play?

New players will start with three (3) unlocked games in their game library.  As players reach higher Chill Levels they will be rewarded with Game Keys, which can be used to unlock new games in the game library.  Mightier has over 25 games that players will get to experience as they progress! 

Why do I only see 3 games on the main screen?

On the main screen, the three most recently played games will appear to the left of the game library button. Players can press the game library button to access more games. 

Why aren’t all of the games unlocked from the start?

Beginning the experience with locked games provides an incentive for players to return to Mightier in order to access more games.  As a general principle, players tend to assign greater value to rewards that they have "earned" and chosen over ones that have been given to them for "free."  New players should earn Game Keys quickly, allowing them to explore a number of games early on and find ones that compliment their play styles and interests.

Will kids have access to all games?

Yes. By continuing to play games and practice cool downs, players will increase their Chill Level, which in turn, will allow them to unlock more games.  At a certain point players will reach a level at which all the games can be unlocked.  You can see all the available games here.

Can I choose my games?

Yes.  Players will be rewarded with Game Keys upon reaching certain Chill Levels.  Players can use these Game Keys to unlock any of the games in the library.

My child keeps switching games, are they even practicing cooling down?

Yes! Players' heart rates are monitored as long as they are in the Mightier app. This means that players will be prompted to cool down even if they get in the red while watching game videos or while looking at their lavaling collection! If you want to see how many cool downs your player is getting while using Mightier check out the Parent App!


Unlocking Games

Players can find all the available games in the game library.  Any game that has been unlocked can be played at any time.  Locked games can be unlocked by using Game Keys, which are earned through player progress measured by Chill Level.

How do I know which games are locked and unlocked?

Locked games have a lock icon in the right corner. Unlocked games have a border and a snowflake icon in the right corner. 

Oh no! My child accidentally unlocked a game they didn’t want! Can they get their Game Key back?

Unfortunately, we are not able to reverse game unlocks.  Players will continue to earn Game Keys though, with the opportunity to unlock all of the games.

My child reached a new Chill Level but didn’t receive a Game Key, why is that?

Though Game Keys are rewarded more frequently for new players the pace they are rewarded starts to taper off as a player’s Chill Level increases.  This means that at a certain point players will not earn a Game Key every time they increase their Chill Level.  Players can see what Chill Level needs to be reached in order to earn the next Game Key on their player card.  This design allows players to start with broader access to games but makes unlocking all of the games a longer term goal.



Cool Down Strategies

What strategies are available?

All strategies are unlocked - Deep Breathing, Crossing the Midline, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Trace the Line, and Create Your Own - so players can experiment and find the ones that work best for them. We know that many kids tend to gravitate towards one or two skills or create their own. That’s great! The most important activity is cooling down.

How do I switch between different strategies?

Players can choose the strategy they want to be prompted to use when they click the Gizmo by entering the Skills Lab. To access the Skills Lab, press the Backpack icon followed by the Skills Lab icon. 



Mightier Worlds

Players will journey through six (6) different worlds. Increasing their chill level will help them unlock new worlds! Players can see their current world, which ones are locked, and the lavalings in each world by clicking on the map icon found in the Mightier backpack.



Have more questions?

Please reach out to the Family Care Team with any questions or concerns as you and your player explore the Mightier worlds!

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