Setting up and wearing the heart rate monitor

Your Mightier kit will include a heart rate monitor, a charging cord, and two different sized bands.


1. Charge ’em

Plug your tablet and the heart rate monitor into outlets to charge. Make sure they have full batteries before you get started. The heart rate monitor requires at least an hour to fully charge.

2. Prepare the heart rate monitor

  • Turn the heart rate monitor on by pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds.
  • Once it’s on, you’ll notice a strobing light effect on the bottom.
  • If your tablet requests that you turn on Bluetooth, follow its directions.
  • You can turn the monitor off by pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds.



While the monitor is turned on, the lights will indicate the status:

STEP 1: Red / blue blinking Power is on and scanning is on.

STEP 2: Steady blue blinks Scanning for your device.

STEP 3: 3 rapid blue blinks Connecting to Mightier.

STEP 4: Steady blue blinks Connected!

Ensure that the heart rate sensors are not blocked by the band.


3. Putting the heart rate monitor on

When you are ready for playtime, launch Mightier.

Place the band around your child’s upper arm. The band should be worn nice and snug, facing inward. We’ve provided 2 band sizes, so both little and big kids can get that snug fit.

Once the band is secure, turn the heart rate monitor on again and watch for the steady blue blinking light to confirm the connection.




4. Start playing!

You’re ready to discover a world full of games to play and Lavalings to collect!



We’re here for you

If you have any questions or concerns, or are experience an issue with the equipment, please contact us! You are able to reach a Mightier expert any day of the week via phone, email or live chat.


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