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Our Family Care Team is made up of Mightier experts with various clinical and technical backgrounds, and our goal is to support and enhance your family’s Mightier journey. Whether you would like to discuss your child's play data and progress or are looking for strategies to ensure your child gets the most out of Mightier based on their specific learning and play styles, our Family Care Team is here to help. You are able to reach a Mightier expert any day of the week via phone, email or live chat.

****PLEASE REACH OUT IF YOU ARE RUNNING INTO ANY BARRIERS WITH MIGHTIER. It's important to our team and our company that your family feels successful with Mightier. If you're finding that your child is frustrated while playing, it's difficult to keep them engaged with Mightier, or that you could use some extra support along the way, please reach out. We're here to talk and always happy to help.

Our team is available during the following hours:

Monday - Friday: 9am – 6pm ET
Saturday - Sunday: 12pm – 6pm ET 

We understand that Mightier families are busy! If you need us outside of these hours, we are happy to schedule a time to talk. Send us an email with the issue you would like to discuss, and we can schedule a time! 

Contact Us!

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Email  support@mightier.com or submit a request here

Call 1-888-978-7495


Connect with other teams at Mightier

Press: press@mightier.com

Research Team: science@mightier.com

Open Positions: careers@mightier.com

Marketing: marketing@mightier.com

Professional inquiries: clinicianreferral@mightier.com 

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