WiFi Troubleshooting and Connection Status

Are you having difficulties getting connected or accessing the internet, despite the fact it says you are connected to your WiFi network? Please try the following troubleshooting steps to narrow down the cause of the issue. 




Refresh the connection:

  1. Disconnect and forget your Wifi network
  2. Turn off the tablet and turn it back on 
  3. Reconnect to the network

Connect to a different network:

As a short-term solution, try connecting to a different network. You will be able to log in, and Mightier can be played offline temporarily. You can sync your data and go offline again to continue playing.


Wifi Connection Status

Sometimes the tablet may indicate that there is a WiFi connection, but the app says otherwise. From the login screen or within the game, click on the Settings gear to check your connection status. Here are the following statuses explained:

WiFi must be turned on
Make sure WiFi is activated on the device.

Not connected to a WiFi network
Go to your WiFi settings, forget your network, and resubmit your credentials.

The WiFi cannot access the internet

This message may appear if you have additional security settings on your network. Try opening the browser on your device to initiate a login prompt.

Mightier is not reachable
This message will occur in the unlikely event there is an issue with our server.

Connected to Mightier
If it shows you're connected to Mightier, but you're having issues logging in or syncing please contact support@mightier.com for assistance from the Family Care Team.

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