How do I cancel my trial or membership?

It's important to us that families find success with Mightier. If you've run into any technical issues, are having a difficult time getting your child to play, or are finding it challenging to fit Mightier into a routine, please contact the Family Care Team. Our clinically staffed team of Program Specialists would be happy to talk with you more specifically about your child and figure out way to get them back on track with Mightier. 

Of course, we will happily process your cancellation if you don't think Mightier is the right fit. 

Cancelling during the first 30 days

All of our subscriptions include a 30-day guarantee. Our 30 day guarantee begins when you purchase Mightier. We know it takes time and practice to begin seeing shifts in a child’s ability to regulate their emotions. For that reason, we want to give families an opportunity to see if Mightier is a good fit for their family. If you are not satisfied with Mightier, we’ll provide a full refund and free return shipping if you reach out to return during the first 30 days. 

Cancelling your membership

If you need to take a break from Mightier, you can cancel your membership at any time. We will keep the play data on file, so if you'd like to come back, your child can pick up where they left off.

When you cancel your membership, you will maintain access to the Mightier app through the end of the payment period. After the payment period ends, you can still log into the Parent App to review progress and renew your membership. Your login credentials will no longer work on the Mightier app after your account is officially cancelled. You do not need to return the Mightier equipment when cancelling outside of your trial period. 

You can request to cancel through the Account section of the Parent Hub.



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