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  • How does the 30-day guarantee work?

    Our 30 day guarantee begins when you purchase Mightier. We know it takes time and practice to begin seeing shifts in a child’s ability to regulate their emotions. For that reason, we want to give families an opportunity to see if Mightier is a good fit for their family.  If you are not satisfied with Mightier, we’ll provide a full refund and free return shipping if you contact us during the first 30 days. 

    If you hit a bump in the journey, or are experiencing any challenges or questions along the way, please reach out to our Family Care Team so that we can help. Our team is staffed with Program Specialists who have clinical backgrounds as well as experience working with thousands of Mightier families. They would be happy to provide support at any point in your family’s Mightier journey. 

  • How do I return Mightier?
    A return can be initiated through your account, or by contacting the Family Care team before the end of your trial.
    When you return Mightier during the trial period, you will return all equipment (heart rate monitor, both straps, chargers, and a tablet if you received one additionally)
  • Can I use my own heart rate band?
    You will need to use the heart rate monitor provided by Mightier which is set up to work with our app.
  • What if my equipment breaks or arrives broken, how do I request a replacement?
    If the heart rate monitor, tablet, or chargers stop functioning within the first 12 months, please contact the Family Care team so we can help troubleshoot the cause and get your family playing again!   
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