Mightier Parents Community Facebook Group

The Mightier Parents Community Facebook group is a place for families to learn, share and get support.  The community is invite only and exclusive for Mightier Members only.  As part of the group, you will get access to the latest expert curated articles, special exercises and activities to help your family get the most out of Mightier, and the ability to engage in conversations with other Mightier parents.  Many families find the parent peer support is particularly useful. This forum has become a wonderful place for families to get advice, tips, support, and expert ideas.  


Do I have to join?

Parents are not required to join. If you do not have Facebook account or do not want to participate, we also provide a selection of curated content in our Member Resources center.  In addition, we send regular emails highlighting the latest insights and new program features.


What about my family’s privacy?

Our Facebook community is a private group (meaning that no one outside of the group will know that you are participating).  The group is invite only and available only to Mightier family members.


How do I join?

To help ensure families’ privacy, Mightier Parents is a private group for parents and caregivers with an active Mightier subscription. If you’d like to join, click here and fill out the membership questions.

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