If this is your first time charging your heart rate monitor, remove any plastic, stickers, or other wrappers before getting started.

The heart rate monitor charger fits in to standard USB charging ports, but it is suggested that you use the wall charger provided. 

When connecting the band to the charger, make sure to line up the metal prongs on the charger with the metal indents on the bottom of the monitor. When aligned, they will click into place.

The lights on the band will indicate the charging status:

  • A blinking red light indicates the band is charging
  • A solid blue light while plugged into a charging terminal indicates the band is fully charged

The amount to time to fully charge a powerless monitor is about 2 hours and should last up to 8 hours.


Common issues and troubleshooting

If the battery is draining rapidly, try letting it deplete then leave it plugged in overnight before turning it back on.

If the monitor is no longer charging at all, try a different outlet, preferably plugged directly into a wall socket instead of a power strip or adapter. 

For persistent issues, please contact the Family Care Team.


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