Wondering how often should your child play Mightier?

Routine is the magic word. Families who incorporate Mightier gameplay into a consistent routine of 3 play sessions a week for 15 – 20 minutes at a time every week for 90 days are far more likely to report improvements in their child’s emotion regulation. 87% of Families report a positive change in 3 months after consistently playing each week.

Similar to learning any skill, the more we practice, the better we get. Repetition allows our brains and bodies to develop new habits and new automatic responses to stressors. Finding the time and space to practice is key, which is why we so strongly encourage families to maintain a consistent Mightier play routine. 

It’s important to find a playtime routine that works with your family’s schedule and is easy to remember. Aim for at least 45 minutes of Mightier playtime spread across 3 sessions every week for 90 days.

Here are few more ideas on creating a routine we’ve seen be successful from other Mightier families:

  • Some families have their kids play first thing in the morning when they are dressed and waiting to go to school.
  • Parents have incorporated Mightier into their child’s virtual school routine as a break from schoolwork.
  • Kids have shared with us that they love to play on the car ride home from school or a sports practice to help them calm down and get ready for the rest of the day.
  • Many families play after dinner and before bedtime as a way to wind down and settle for the evening.

“For us, Mightier is the transition between dinner and homework. It’s a consistent moment in our day none of us will forget about.”

-Mightier Parent

Can Mightier Be Used as a De-escalation Tool? 

Mightier is best used as a tool to practice cooldown techniques outside of moments of intense stress. That is because this is a skill that needs to be practiced for a few months before it becomes more ingrained and accessible in the real life moments it's needed. That means that it would likely be difficult to play Mightier successfully during moments of escalation if a child is on the earlier weeks of their play. That being said, sometimes kids do find our games to be helpful when they are worried or when they need a calming tool. Some kids bring our tablet to the airport before they fly or use it to calm down before bed. We love to see kids asking to play the games to help them relax. In these types of situations we encourage them to play as long as they need. 


If you’re having difficulty making time for Mightier, or if your child is resistant to playing, please contact The Family Care Team. Our Program Specialists can help you with play and engagement strategies.


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