• How do I know if this program is a good fit for my child?
    Mightier was built for kids 6-12 who have difficulty self-regulating and controlling their emotions. We generally help kids with big emotions of anger, frustration, or anxiety. Kids might have a formal diagnosis, or they may just need extra support. 
  • What age range is this for?
    6-12. If your child is outside this age range we recommend you get in touch with us before purchasing.
  • My child plays a lot of video games (like Minecraft), will this work for them?
    We have a lot of “gamers” in our program but know that no one game is for everyone. We provide a growing library of games with the hope that your kid will find many games they love to support their learning. See our games.
  • Can more than one child in a household play for the same price?
    Yes, you can have as many children in the program as you would like for the same price. Some families buy an extra heart rate monitor, but most share.
  • Will Mightier work for my child?
    Mightier has helped kids with a range of emotional regulation challenges - from sensitive kids with big emotions to kids having difficulty managing anger, frustration, or anxiety. Here is some feedback from families who have completed the Foundation Program:
    • >80% say their child’s ability to regulate "improved a lot"
    • >80% say their child learned new strategies
    • >90% report a positive behavior change for their child
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