What is "syncing" and how do I sync my data?

Syncing is how the Parent Hub is updated with your child's progress and play time. It is the process of sending the play data to the website via the Wifi. If the tablet is always connected to Wifi, the data will automatically sync periodically. If Mightier is used offline, that data is stored on the tablet until there is a strong Wifi connection again. 

Making sure to sync after every play session is a good practice to ensure the information you're viewing in the Hub is up to date. This can also help establish a routine if your child has a has a tough time transitioning off of Mightier.

To proactively sync your data, follow these steps:

1) Connect to Wifi 

If you're having trouble getting connected, start here.

2) Click on the Settings gear on the player selection page:


3) Click "Sync Data" and watch the status bar below to see when it has completed. Upload time varies with connection speed and the amount of data that is sent. 


That's all! Head to hub.mightier.com/dashboard to view the new progress. If there are any issues try to grab a screenshot or video and contact the Family Care Team.

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