What counts as playtime?
The Hub play time represents the amount of time spent actively playing, which is smaller than the total time spent in the app. Time spent browsing through games, watching tutorials, or at in-game shops are not counted in play time.
Are days of playtime missing? Check your last sync! 
This could be caused by a poor wifi connection when the player finishes a game. If the tablet cannot reach our servers then it cannot update the Hub. However, nothing is lost. The data is saved on the tablet and sent to the server the next time there is a good connection. You can view whether the data is fully synced to your child's Hub by navigating to the player’s Settings screen, and finding the text “Data Synced”. If not synced, verify you are connected to the wireless internet, and navigate to the main screen of the Mightier hub.
See the attachment for more information on viewing data on the Hub
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