We recommend that Mightier players aim for a routine of 3 or more play sessions a week; playing for 15 minutes or more during each play session, for at least 12 weeks. This recommendation comes from analyzing play patterns of children whose caregivers reported seeing high levels of improvement in emotion regulation over the course of their Mightier experience. We encourage families to construct a play routine that works within their own schedule and screen time rules. We recognize that some kids have a hard time transitioning away from screen time once they've started, and we do not want to exacerbate any child's struggles with screen addiction. 

How Mightier Games are Different

We've chosen games that have frequent natural end points. We aim to have games where a child cannot get completely absorbed into the game world for hours without end.

Our games are also challenging in a different way than kids are accustomed. While playing, we are asking players to practice lowering their heart rate about 1 to 2 times a minute, which takes a lot of focus. This repetition of the cool down process while playing can take a lot of energy, so some players decide to end on their own after a short play session.

Most kids play 10-20 minutes at a time, but of course, there are kids who could play for hours! See our Tips for Transitioning from Mightier Play if your child is struggling with ending play.  

We want Mightier to fit into your family schedule and screen time routine. Therefore, we do not make any recommendations on upper playtime limits. We know that navigating the use of screens can be challenging, especially in these times. Here are some guidelines and tips from the American Psychological Association (APA). 

Please reach out to our Family Care Team to speak with one of our program specialists if you would like to talk through concerns about fitting Mightier into your screen time routine, screen addictions, or transitioning from Mightier play.

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