Moving from one activity to the next can be difficult for anyone, especially when you’re invested in what you’re doing, having fun, or are playing a game. For kids who have difficulties with time management, task initiation, and emotional control, however, transitions are something else. For many kids, this is when feeling overwhelmed and frustrated takes over. We can expect kids to struggle with transitions from time to time, so here are some tips to make those moments easier. 

Let your child set the goal. Have your child set an XP or snowflake goal. This gives them ownership and control over their play, as well as a sense of accomplishment once they reach that endpoint. A transition can be easier when it's their choice.

Schedule Mightier. Being prepared and knowing what to expect are incredibly helpful for kids who struggle with organization and time management. Decide on a playtime amount or goal with your child, and let them know what the next activity will be. Even better, allow your child to pick that next activity. 

Be creative with where Mightier is played. Mightier does not need to be connected to WiFi to play. This means your child can play in the car, between dance classes, or when a sibling is engaged in an extracurricular activity. 

Keep natural endpoints in mind. Quitting mid-round can be really difficult emotionally for a child who is invested in achieving something. Build flexibility into the end of their play session so they can collect that next lavaling or finish a round before transitioning away.

Be part of the transition. Sitting with your child and watching them play for a few minutes is a nice way to slowly and comfortably help them disconnect from the game world. 


Need something more specific and unique for your child? Please contact the Family Care Team for additional support. 


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